Old Friend New Enemy

I saw you when you walked into the restaurant You were guilty but full of smiles

I heard you whisper to your guest, LIES self-pity in all the styles

I have no fear of you reading this since reading was never to your liking

You live your lie so fast and swift, and you your hair you are still spiking

You saw me at the other place – you froze and shared and cried

I noticed it was the same old garbage you spewed forth as you lied

I do not hate you, as you go, in fact, I mostly wish you well

And after all that, I can do and as far as I can tell

You are still living the same, (ahem) your same old hell

So this poem devoted to you; you never may ever read

But if there is anything I can do, find in someone else a need

For I can’t help you anymore

On your knuckles, I have banged close the hard oak door

And it’s okay if you wear a frown

‘Cause you are now infamous I’ve got you all written down

Why did you have to show your face

I could be angry any place

But you have iced up the room

Be off with you upon your broom

Fly away into the fog.  Tail between legs you female dog

Never again to show yourself

With you is dearth, without you wealth

Ha ha ha! And a great big goodbye

With pants on fire and a needle in your eye

Fuck you and all your promises – broken

You lied far beyond the simple token

My heart, my hope all the truth I have shared

Fell on deaf ears while my soul I bared

You did more than stomp on my desire

You dumped gasoline on my skin and lit me on fire

Then to put me out – so you said

You completely emirs my poor little head (in mud)

Why couldn’t you just leave me alone

Quit calling and texting me on the phone

Not until I wasn’t nice once did you say you were done

Surgery, you said was worse yet asked 50 times worse than being attacked?

50 times worse than being attacked?

Yes! Of course! you were in pain

As you tore through my heart in horrific disdain

I did not want to think that I gave you this power

But you can’t know the sweet without tasting the sour

Your betrayal was all up front and close but I pretended to not see it

Still, ice woman you were the most

The most painful relationship I’ve, in a long time, had

Leading me to think I loved you? Shit, was I mad?

Confusion totally swept over me

Because you told me you were in need

The need to see someone crawling towards you

I became your servant not knowing what to do

So now you talk about me behind my back

I thought I’d care, but I just laugh

From the look in your eyes, I can tell

You’re giving me the power you try to pretend so well

I do not know what will become of this poem my dear

Our paths are forever parted, that much is clear

So, as you walk out the door, I will think of you one time more

And send a small blessing out your way

To, perhaps have you see, one great day

That you’re not the center of everything.

You’re not the only one who can sing.

I will cross my toes and fingers too,

In this little prayer for you

That one day you will see the light

No longer will you put up a fight

For fear of things that go bump in the night

But that you may truly be truly free

God bless you my once friend,

Now, leave me be.