You don’t ‘own’ me…anymore!!

I am a happy girl.  I was born happy and still to this day I am happy.  But, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been times when I was upset.  That doesn’t mean that nothing has ever happened to me and it certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t know heartbreak.

My life hasn’t been easy and I don’t have all the money in the world and there have been many times that my will was devoured by those that could and did claim my physical person as their property.  But they never had my heart!  They never had possession of my thoughts, intents, desires, and personal ideals.  When I was bound and locked up they could not lock up my mind – and oh how I soured!

I saw death, despair, maleficent acts of every kind, but I am not what happened to me nor am I what happened to those around me.  I am who I have always been in my heart and in my mind.  I look for magic in everything, like children do.  I want to experience so many things that I never had the opportunity to before.  My physical freedom has only proven to ignite my inspirations and my desires to be happy and share happiness…to show love and be loved!!!

My life is successful because I am.  I have survived, but I haven’t lived.

I want to live everyday ON PURPOSE!!!!

And that is what I intend to do.


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