Propositions from Purgatory

He said, “I have no heart…..I am hollow…..everything else is sore.”

I said, “Then I will tear mine in two and place one half in you. That way when we’re together we will be whole…and when we’re apart we will long for one another all the more.”

Then he replied, “I truly wish it was that simple but you put something so sweet inside the breast of something so dark and evil would only cause the purity of yours to wither and die in agonizing sorrow.”an_angel_and_demon_in_love_by_gravityninjax-d64j3nu

Then he added, “Do not weep for me I am already dead …weep for what I am….”

My nature and character trembled to consider his intense isolation.  Longing to hold him in my arms, I whispered, “You have much credibility in dealing with this darkness, still even amidst all of your doubt if you truly love me and can feel my love for you… The transfer has already begun. I don’t claim to be pure Anything but rather an eclectic collage of joyous survival in a vast sea of immeasurable degradation and torture… I bring peace and war…but in ways you have never darkly enjoyed as ferociously as this.”


I write to YoU!

I want to write of life – of dependent love and dark laughter.  I want to carve the pernicious sonnets of my endurance into the hearts of those who seek the authentic and maidenly truth of this world.  I wish to donate these seductive reflections and my malevolent words – first purchased by my blood and breathe – for a price of life’s few tender moments where silver linings were born, enslaved, parched, charred and covered – then reborn.  I seek the endless shining that dwells in the heart of philosophers and stirs the soul bringing forth a sunrise of blood and lust worn on the faces of the pure, and intellectually sound at ease; but to whom darkness with heaven’s curses and daylight full of stars are no stranger than a mother’s kiss or a final chance to prove the integrity and emotional valor that is held fast even among those that would ravage their everything to vastly break and overcome them. If dreams be your future and images of fantasy and desire your native tongue, if you feel death reaching up for you and taste sweetness in the chase; if your soul is yearning for transformation from reality to real life…If you delight in the shadows  and you favor the sweet bitterness of life’s sanguine fluid… It is to you I write!