Opposite to conclusive research…… this has nothing to do with much…. but a lot to do with everything

I am a completely different type of creature than most.  I get anxious in my mind, but it does not reflect in my physical.  I can be completely freaked out, and usually no one knows.  I can see things happen before they do.  I see the past in people’s eyes.  I can feel how you feel when we speak and/or when you are near.  I don’t have to ask you at all I already know just by the sound of your voice or the vibrations of your presence.

I play the game though.  I go through the standard situations norms and establish some sense of emotional connection with people when in all reality, I have that the moment I hear or am near any individual.

The difficult part of this is that I do not know of any other person, IRL that shares the same types of abilities.  Pretention and masks are worn by many, but you cannot hide behind one from me.

You do not have to believe me.  I never would want to MAKE anyone do anything.  I have likes and preferences like anyone, but I  can see around a situation that is objective and for me that has become my source of survival.  I am alive because of that.  There have been many murderous attempts upon my life.  They have all failed!  As obvious as that sounds, it is vastly powerful as well.  I am alive because I did NOT give in.  I am alive because I did not succum.  I am alive because there is more for me to do.  I am here because others need to know what I know.

I am here to learn from you.  I am here to share in the pain and the joys.  I am here to love and be loved.

I am not here to solve the worlds problems.  We all have different ideas on how things could be ran, should be done and what is wrong with what ever system is currently progressing, or falling.  But we have difficulties determining who is correct and who is to lead.  Why must one lead? Why must only one be right? and why is there such difficulty?

Pride is something that can be inpenitrable.  How irreverent and delightful it must be to those who just want to watch the world burn to see the ones who could have the answers swallow them in their pride.  How harsh and horrible things get when the ones who know, close their eyes and stick their fingers in their ears.  No one can benefit and no one will heal if no one is willing to compromise and work with what they have and can aquire.

Why am I telling you these things?

In trying to make the besT out of any given situation I’ve been in my current environment allows me some pause to create a plan of action. I’ve enjoyed most in my life solutions that can have the best positive out come for more than simply myself

No matter how useful and productive a system is or is not there are always ways to improve them. Do you follow me so far? Places that are there for people in distress like homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters are wonderful to have. Yet they can breed intense problems and difficulty in and of themselves, correct?

The ones that set them up and provide the care are honestly valiant individuals and I honor them value them and am extremely grateful for them…Therefore I want to be of some assistance for them

I cannot give money
But I can give timeManagement is stressed Volunteers seem lost The place is filthy Nothing is organized

I want to help with these things. These are things that I can excel at.  I am not much experienced in the day to day, go to work, come home go to bed … repeat.

However!!!  I am imaculate and incredible at crisis management and preparedness.  Comfort for those in crisis situations and care for those providing care.

I can see in your eyes and feel from your frame what care you need.  the problem I have is you don’t know what you want or need and therefore I am usually not permitted to interfere.  Sad.

some day perhaps.

Until then, I am here.



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