Men and women speak ideally of love
But when it is inconvenient it is a burden for them
Being worthy has nothing to do with it
If you are alive then you are worthy
Being capable of love has nothing to do with it either
The fact that you are capable of breath and flowing thoughts innately also brings the fact that you are capable of love
Then what?
It comes down to choice
Public and pure while private and prostitute keeps all of us aware of the truth and shrouded in lies
Love is whole and pure. It is lasting and very significant.
Lust is craved in the flesh and the cure is shortly enjoyed, then the thirst begins again
All are capable of both
It isn’t as simple as one or the other
Rather, seeking balance with both forces for they are both inside all of us
The choice of how and when to nurture them is yours.
Just as our bodies need vitamin and protein fortified nutrition… we can still choose to feed it junk, and many do.
The result is weak bodies, sickness, underweight and overweight, pain and ultimately early death.
Our hearts and souls need fortifying relationships and stimulation ones as well.
I’m guilty of positive and less that positive thoughts feelings and actions from time to time. As I recognize this I can and do make choices that make happiness more and more lasting…
My choices are mine
Your choices are yours
Choosing to be happy might not always work the first few hundred times, but when you can believe in happiness more then your sorrow… it will be so

Love is not all about physical romance
Love is also about acceptance
Accept that you make mistakes
Accept that others do as well
Honor them and your self
If not for the mistakes the lessons would not be as easily accessible

Remember that problems only can exist if there is an equally powerful solution to said problem


All can be mistaken for its opposite
Perspective and time will reveal what truly is

But, deep inside your soul
You know that you ALREADY know


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