Misunderstanding …

Some guy called me yummy the other day… I didn’t know how to respond. He asked me when the last time was that I had been penetrated … I thought he was asking me when the last time I had an idea or concept sink in and I was enlightened. I told him that that happened for me every day. He was suddenly very interested. He asked me if I was married to which I answered no. He slimmed his way closer to me and I took a few steps back. He asked what time of day was this happening. I said most days it is all day. I like to read from books and magazines and I use search engines a lot. There was another gal just behind me and I became aware that she was watching with a great deal of interest as well. This dude then got right up in my space and asked me if he could penetrate me. THAT’S when I understood that conversation. Honestly it made me sick and had I eaten I would have lovingly shared my previous meal with him…. with passion and a smile. No, I said. He then proceeded to compliment himself on his experience and abilities in the sack. Seriously I just really wanted to puke on him the more and more he spoke His closing argument was… “and besides you look like you would be really yummy.” And he looked at my chest and licked his fucking lips. I put the biggest fake smile on my face and said – YOU are a real winner!! Just the type of guy I could take home to my mother. His countenance fell. He muttered something and I used the small space between us and put my index finger on his mouth and said – shhhhhhhh… just listen. I’m not going to have sex with you ever. Okay?
He took in a deep breath and turned and walked away.
Looking back at that now it’s hilarious!!! When the guy walked away the gal behind me was laughing… I can’t believe you called him a real winner, she giggled. She added, if he would’ve gotten closer to you I would’ve had your back girl. That was awesome.



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