3 Part Post…. watch your vocabulary??? ahem… fuck you

Saying you care and then turning your head to watch a ‘friend’ choke on their own heartache is worse than the person who broke their heart in the first place. No one needs your money! You are NOT the value that is in your pocket book and neither are any of the people you know. The worth of a person is invaluable and inestimable! That includes you! and that includes your ‘friend.’ You do need to protect yourself, and if you are able you are morally obligated to care for those who cannot care for themselves. Believe them or don’t, care or don’t, be there or don’t be… but don’t fucking lie to them and say You Care and then stand by and watch them die. You may feel a sense of self righteousness about the situation because you didn’t give them the initial heartache but it could be your kind words and dearth of follow through that was the final nail in their coffin. Mean what you say. Say what you do. The rest is bull shit and YOU know it.

I saw a child being hurt. I spoke to her mother about it and she said it wasn’t that bad. Her little girl was 9 years old and I had known her for over a year, I had never seen her smile. She was not autistic and didn’t have ‘mental’ malfunctions that were evident to me. She did have mannerisms that were questionable for a child of 9. She was overly touchy and extremely closed off emotionally. The mother was willingly blind and surprisingly underprotective of her child. I checked with family, and friends. They were all aware of the situation and told me that the little girl had been really withdrawn and different for about 18 months or so. THEY SAW IT! and they claimed that they really loved and cared for this little one. They also were concerned that if they tried to interfere that the mother would unfriend them all. What is wrong with this world? Why do you care about some type of relationship over the life and safety of this child? This type of ‘caring’ is why so many commit suicide and die of brokenness deep inside. Fear is one thing, and can be worked with. But using your cowardice in hiding behind a friendship you don’t even fully support yourself just to keep your distance between the awful truth and getting through it … while can and is part of the human condition… is fucked up and more often applauded and admired. There are millions of these 9 year old girls and boys suffering and we hide behind our smiles and tuck away our disdain condoning the actions of the decrepit abusers and doing nothing but saying that we care!
My post from 3 hours ago has received some incredible responses. The replies were incredible. More people were upset at the strong LANGUAGE than they were at the CONTENT found in this post. What a fucked up and arrogant way to respond to a person’s cry for help. No wonder the society is going to hell. We are too worried about how something is said, instead of what is actually being said and being done.
Well, if words are what you are looking for … here are some for you.
I hope that you can cheer yourself in the wake of tragedy. When your children die because you loved them with words and not actions, I hope that you can live with it and be happy – at least on the outside. You would not want to ruin someone else’s day becase you are not smiling do you? When your neighbor is crying next door and you hear it, I hope you can be happy and turn up your music so that you are blind to their pain and numb from your own. When hard things happen, and you go through them, may you find fake people to give you fake wishes, and go about your fake life and have fake relationships… because that is apparently all that you are willing to risk, and all you are willing to do, and ALL you are willing to be. God bless you in your endevors. May you find what you are looking for. And, you will.



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