What are YOUR super-human powers?

In a recent job interview I was asked if I had any special talents and abilities.  I stated a few that could be viewed as impressive by some.  I have since then thought about it and have come to the conclusion that I have a LOT of extra special talents and abilities.  The following are merely a few of the ones I have thought were worth the attention of writing down.

  1. Objective Declination: I can drop any object at any time!  I am especially skilled in dropping items with hot liquid in them.  I have the capacity of dropping multiple items all at once, so you could say I multi task really well.  If you have a fresh white outfit on then my skills increase.  I have a way of creating art with my ability of objective declination and can help with your temperature state as well.  I discovered that I had this incredible aptitude for helping customers coming in from the cold to be heated up at a much accelerated pace with my ‘art’ and skill.  They would order hot coffee and I would instantly warm them up even before they could get it into their bodies – I’m that good! (I spilled coffee on many a cold and weary traveler.)  Though my skill was not appreciated at the time I am counting it as one that I have excelled at and that is why it is listed as numero uno!
  2. Liquid Proliferation: I have seemed to always have this gift.  I can splash water about like nobody’s business.  I don’t even have to try!  If there is liquid around me, it will be given a wealth of expansion and be creatively distributed in various and unexpected places.  My cleverness is not only contained within the knack I have for liquid proliferation, it also flows into number 3.
  3. Liquid Captivation: After the accomplished task of liquid proliferation has been completed I then can incorporate the competence and proficiency of a true liquid captivator.  I can tidy up most creative displays of adeptness with a single cloth.  Since I am already in the process of cleaning up whatever I was lucky enough to have spilt I generally incorporate the fluid into further tidiness and maintenance – so you see I do not waste the opportunities that are current and close by.
  4. Divining Faculty: This one is not always active, sort of like a super-human capability if you will.  I admit this skill is still being developed but I can say with a sense of ostensibility that I predict the future.  For example, when a traffic light turns green – I can generally tell you who will go and who will not.  (my secret is that there ones facing the green usually go and the ones facing the other generally do not) I am not correct 100% of the time, but I do have a high percentage of averages.  When my number in line is established, then I can tell you that after the person with the number just lower than mind is called that I am next.  This is more accurate than the stop light thing, but also not 100%.  I am 100% clear on incongruencies in life, but making sense of them is a skill I have not yet acquired.
  5. Stumbling Professional: There is not a person that I have had the pleasure of making acquaintances with that has had a better occupational history as I have of being a stumbling professional.  I fall when it is convenient and I can fall when it is absurdly and wildly inconvenient.  They say that when you are good at something, you should never do it for free.  Well, I am soooo good at this one that I cannot keep it to myself.  I share it with others often, though I am never thanked for it.  I am unaware as to why it is not something noted and appreciated?  It does bring about much hilarity though, and so I will count it as an asset, for now.

There are more, but these are the ones that I am thrilled to shout out loud and clear!  Many will say that they are not skills at all, and that is okay with me.  We all have super human powers and until we can see and recognize them, in my opinion, we will remain muggles.  There is magic in each of us!  YOU are good at something too!  Celebrate the things that make you YOU!  I am clumsy and silly and sometimes it is not a fabulous precious moment – but usually they make for a great story and create smiles and laughs.  We don’t always have to be so serious.  Being too serious has been like kryptonite for me.  I have found that laughter has been a great lead barrier between me and the evil green stone!  What are your skills?  Can you name 5?

Olivia Bourgeois


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