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Medical Mobility Fund

Posted for a ‘friend!’

“Hi there! My name is Bri. I have a pretty rare auto immune disease called Relapsing Polychondritis. ‘Relapsing Polychondritis – is a multi-systemic condition characterized by inflammation and deterioration of cartilage. The often painful disease can cause joint deformity and be life-threatening if the respiratory tract, heart valves or blood vessels are affected… it is thought to be related to an immune-mediated attack on particular proteins that are abundant in cartilage.’ (Wikipedia the free encyclopedia) It is getting to the point that getting around and being as independent as I REALLY would like might not be as possible for as long as I want it to be. I have put off getting a wheelchair for as long as I could because though it provided a place to sit I have not been strong enough to push myself in one. I am 35 years old!  I am want to get out there and enjoy being my age and who I am with people I adore!!  That is so very difficult to do right now with my physical limitations and the increasing progression of the Relapsing Polychondritis.
I have recently come across this Firefly mechanism that connects to the front of a wheelchair. It is quite simplistic, and would be able to get me around in a simple and much more feasible way. This is where I need your help. The cost with shipping is a bit!! You can go to and find all the information there on the cost. I have included a youtube video with this post that will show you how one works as well. Please contact me with any information, questions, and/or concerns regarding this gofundme post. This Firefly product would be such a huge help just in the quality of life that I have presently. I know I will use it as often as I am able. (My hope would be every day!!!)  Thanks so much!!”


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