I AM Yours…

My Dearest Child,

There will be times in your life that will appear to make no sense  –I AM the way

There will be days that you’ll feel you don’t belong  –I AM calling you as you are to be my child

There will be days that will fill you with Sunshine and Joy  –I AM smiling with you

Some moments will ache in your muscles.  You will feel exhausted and too hot or too cold-I AM aware and not only believe you but I believe IN you

Other times tears will fall and you will need someone you can trust  –I AM here with you

From time to time your heart will want to dance and sing  –I AM the rhythm to the music

I AM your melody

There will be times of darkness and you will be afraid -I understand, reach out!  I AM the Light

When you are hungry and parched consider Me in your search to fill your vast longings  –I AM the Bread of Life  –I AM the Living Water

From Eternity to Eternity I AM THAT I AM

I have always been, I AM now, and I always will be

I do not ‘need’ you to be a perfect robotic replica of human perceived perfection

I want a true and loving relationship with you – right now – Just as you are

I AM the Truth.  I AM Love.  I created you.  I AM on the path with you.  I AM accepting you right now.  I AM here with you and You are not alone.  You are a beautiful mess – My beautiful mess.  I AM constantly thinking of you.  I AM blessing you with your special abilities.  I AM always here for you.  You are wanted.  You are loved.  I AM never going to forget about you.  I AM now, have been and always will be here for you and with you

You are because I AM and I love you!




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