Are you ‘LIKE’ me?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why can’t I be like ‘so and so’?”  Do you ever wonder why life appeared to be so easy for someone else, only to condemn yourself for the trials that seemed to so easily beset you?  Do you look for ways to be apart of a society that you don’t completely understand, but deeply yearn to belong to?  Has a line from a movie, or a quote from a book, ever had an impact upon your heart that caused a stirring inside of you – a strong desire- revealing a need that you desperately hunger to fill?  Have you ever been in a crowd of friends and felt completely isolated?  Has anyone in your life who meant a great deal to you, broken your heart?  Have you ever allowed fear to dictate your actions instead of leading with your own full sense and intent of purpose?  Do you understand the make-up of a lie, and cherish it anyways?  Do you get angry, hot headed, and complacent with people in general, or at the very least, with yourself?  Do the actions of others lead you to believe in things that simply aren’t so?  Can you sink in your own despair while simultaneously insisting that others be lifted up at all cost?  Have you ever drawn a conclusion from an experience, and found out later that it was the experience that was messed up, and not you?  Did you ever contemplate the possibility of aliens?  Have you ever laughed at a joke that you didn’t understand the meaning of at all?  Have you pretended to belong somewhere, or with someone, but your heart was not in it?  Can you imagine what it would be like if we all let down our guards and spoke with love and zeal, and loved with pure intentions and on purpose?  Is there something great inside of yourself that you see, but that you are afraid to show others?  Do you want to help others to believe in the good, but you find yourself skeptical of the good when it comes to you and good sharing in a companionate relationship?
Do you question things insistently?  Do you ask and ponder situations and try to chew out the correct consistency for digestions, only to puke it up later because it was not consistent with your own sustentative needs?
Why do you question anything?  Should we question everything? Can you be happy to be wrong?  Do you NEED to be right?

I don’t know why we all think that we are so alone!  We are all made up of the same things, just put in different and complicated row of assortments.
So, since I can be like you… feeling stuff I don’t want to, wanting feelings I am not feeling, eating when I am not hungry, doing something way too much, or way to little, or not at all….  Over simplifying or highly dramatizing situations… and in short – feeling oddly detached and unique … I ask you this question…

Are you LIKE me?


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