Unfamiliar Now……..

Did you know I wasn’t here

When my body at last rested?

Did you know it wasn’t clear

Why my everything was tested?

Can you hear me when I call

And do you really care for me?

Meager inside I feel so small

And I hear

“I love you Auntie Bri!”

I do not know where I am

Your face is warm and kind

The air is different, I’m a ma’am

I am allowed to use my mind

Is there something I have done

For you to respect me so?

In your heart, you are one

Yet how, I just don’t know

Have I been a best friend for reals

Helping and being adored?

Shall I wake with a heart that feels

Only to be ignored?

God in heaven I cannot express

What a mess my heart is in

But my gratitude for all of this

Wants me to let even You in

I thought my heart was dead

And I would live in hell forever

Then I heard what she said

Now I know I’ll never

I was lost and now am found

A sinner with eyes that could not see

Now I will sing a joyous sound

Because I know You care for me



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