What is the longest time you have gone without sleep?  Do you know why sleep is important?   I wrote this little ditty on my 5th day (after 4 freakin nights of NO SLEEP) … as you read it, you may get a slight sense that I am a bit more than indifferent…


You devil!

You deceiver

You undiscovered wake

You fiendish thief

You vulgar expression

You explicative remark

You anger ridden demon

You tease

You heaven forsaken nightness

You night forsaken day

You wide eyed betrayer

You body fatigue

You muscle unrepairer

You wretched waste

You time stealer

You fatherless child

You female dog

You immaculate angel from hell

You Lucifer

You bearer of false hope

You life taker

You candle burner

You butt

You taker of breath

You showerless monkey

You filthy war monger

You accidental overdose

You imperialistic withered flower

You sycophant

You daughter of fire

You icy heart

You escape artist

You slippery little sucker

You wave leaving shore

You tsunami and shadow

You ranibowless fall

You sunless sky

You evil being

You sour sugar

You salty cake

You vomit face

You crappy ending

You waste of space

You terrible nightmare in the day

You death of life

You betrayer of souls

You manipulator of the body

You indignant psychopath


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