Moonlight Prayer

Now I lay me down to rest, running low on feeling foxy
Wishing I had more zeal and zest, yet, still glad I am not considered doxy
Looking back upon my day, I know it was not my greatest
And though I did reach out for help, my path was not the straightest
So while some will take a breath and pray, to the one “up in the sky”
As I lay here, wide awake, salt water leaks out of my eye
Should I die before I wake, a statement that haunts me now
Is it a dream, or just a fake… does one say ‘amen’ or ciao?
Did I do all that I could, to share what to me is good
Was anything I did of value to another….did another feel understood
Was I kind to any friend
Could I have helped someone broken to mend
Was I hiding too much, Did I fearfully cower
Was I too in love with my own power
Was I truthful, and eager to please
Did I bully, or nag, or tease
Was dude “upstairs” on my flowchart
Did I celebrate others genius, or did I think that only I was smart
Was I cruel with good intention
Did I blame others, hiding my own invention
And if I die, before the morning
Could I have done better, left a message or forwarning
Sometimes I will make a major mistake
I don’t murder, or steal…. but I can be fake
My meaning of fake can be different I know
By that I mean following societal norms, not letting feelings show
So, God, if you are listening, I am sorry once more
I am forever happy that you don’t keep score
Thank you for the days I have known
And thanks for the ups with the laughter, and the downs with a moan
Thank you for my friends, and thanks for the light
Thanks for the ones who bump in the night
Thanks for all the stuff in middle
For the beginnings that are difficult, to the ends… some fragile and brittle
Sorry for the sins I do
Sorry mostly cause they hurt you
But, if I tomorrow I get another chance
I will seek to share this divine romance
As I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord the world to keep
Help the children young and small
And please please catch them when they fall
Help the teenager to to learn and grow
and head the direction you’d want them to go
Keep the married and the unwed
In safe places in and out of their head
For those of us who have to dream
Help us to know what they mean
and Lord, if it is not asking tooooooo much
Help me to not use FEAR as a crutch.
If I am gone before tomorrow
Helps others not to bear alone their sorrow
Instead, if it is possible, and You are God, so it has to be
If I wake in the AM, please oh please
Help them to see YOU instead of me. . . . . . . .
– le porteur de mortalité- (by morti)


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