25 Things About Me…

25 Things about Me!!

1. I have 11 siblings that I have met! (only 5, that I am aware of, that I have not met.)

2. My favorite color is Blue, followed closely by yellow!!!

3. I feel like my life is very blessed right now! I love Jesus, and He has saved me! I have good friends! I am in a home that is considered safe! I have a good support network. My mind is clear, and………… special people hear and understand me. (that is huge!!!!!)

4. I am a voice coach, and adore my “students” and love watching them grow into their talents!

5. I can be super intense, OR super flat emotionally. (sometimes simultaneously… figure that one out! ha!!)

6. I love love LOVE auto correct!

7. Laughter is the best!! Some days, I assume that is the main thing keeping me afloat!

8. The rules are simple! Don’t follow me ever! Follow God, period!

9. I won’t say things to intentionally piss you off, but I won’t lie to you either.

10. I mess up A LOT! It is part of the humor that keeps me going!

11. I do not need your validation for my existence, however, feeling encouragement from loved ones is usually super cool.

12. At least once a day, my goal is to show God to someone. I am not saying I am fantastic at it, some days are better than others, but I know that God works through all of us, and I wanna do what I can whenever I can!!!

13. I do NOT believe that ANY religion will save you. NONE! Only Jesus can save you….

14. I do not automatically assume that people are stupid. I have my days … and some with extra “special moments” where my brilliance appears significantly dull. But, if I want to know and understand something, I ask the questions! Difficult or not! It is around the time that I realize that people are being ignorant of a situation on purpose that I begin to wonder if they tie their own shoes, or not…. my motto is: If you really want to know something, you have to ask the question! Even if you are afraid to ask it, ask it! You cannot learn the answers if you do not search for them!

15. I am NOT perfect! and I DON’T have to be! yay, there is sweet sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet freedom in that!!

16. I say “sorry” way too often! I mean it deeply each time, however, that is a piece that is broken in my head… I am totally working with God on that one, cuz DUDE my contrite self-condemnatory guilt-ridden attitude about me is getting soooooooooooooooo OLD!

17. Once I love you, and I mean genuinely admittedly authentically love you.. I will always love you!

18. I don’t know how to kiss. bwa ha ha ha… bet you didn’t see that one comin’ did you!?!?!

19. I highly favor “odd” food mixtures.
20. I also highly favor “odd” people, “odd” ideas, “outside the box” thinkers, and “different” than run of the mill, dull drums thinking!!!!

21. If I cannot make sense of it, I tend to obsess about it until it I fall asleep (could be days and days) or! I successfully get distracted by a situation that does not involve that part of my obsession.

22. I am sad 70% of the time. I am scared 90% of the time. I am happy 35% of the time… but I am loved 100% of the time.

23. My fears are real to me! Sometimes I get really apprehensive and melancholy when I believe other people more than I believe in myself. I have come to realize that experience, for the most part, dictates the ways in which our minds process information. Because experience fills in the meanings to the questions of life… (life being filled with experiences) I often questions people’s perception of reality. I search emphatically for meaning and purpose. I strive with great fortitude to understand the psychology behind human choices, and my own choices as well. I admittedly get “stuck” in legalisms and logistics. I am not of a monolithic mind, but more of a multi-fractured ambidextrous pliable and resourceful, many-sided …. mind.

24. Relationship are confusing to me! (because people are confusing to me!) I do not have enough experience to be un-daunted and sanguine about interpersonal communication as I would have a preference for. Nevertheless, I refuse to ‘throw in the towel’ and buckle under the pressure of an impending invariable line of failures – that want to see me defeated! I am gonna keep trying……

25. I am not like the admirable people who say that they are thankful for their past, and they do not regret any of it because it made them who they are. I do regret a lot of my past. I do NOT always like who I am. I regrettably live in the land of “wishes” from time to time. I do NOT want to be who I am all of the time. I am afraid of my feelings, my past experiences, finding out who I really am, why I am the way I am, and who I can become… all that freaks the ever living piss out of me!!! Still, at the very same time, it is also very appealing and provocative! The self-same things that “freak” me out, also stir me on to discovery! Innovative conclusions, and paths of discovery (especially recently) lead me to considerably presume, a bit more than to speculate, that there is indeed HOPE of POSITIVE change, and THAT is not just a verisimilitude but IS a tangible and indisputable place to draw strength from. God lives there… and He is kewl like that!!!


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