Pulchritudinous (physically beautiful)


Have you peered way down deep inside yourself

And wondered and what you saw?

Have you taken a book down from the shelf

And stared at it in awe?

Have you sat in consternation amidst fear,

Whilst sending up a prayer to God?

Do you ever question why we are here?

Do some of the proletariat think of you as odd?

Is there really something honest,

Or is it all just pontificated?

Is narcissism how to stay on it?

Or was it by love that we were created?

Looking in a mirror,

Seeing you through your very own eyes-

Is it any clearer,

Or do you only see your own disguise?

I want to share with you my vision

I long for you to also see

It is not all about derision

It’s about Jesus’ love for you and me

Even when I cannot understand

That I am beautiful

God, who created me with His own hand

Is THE loving, faithful, and dutiful

Especially when enthusiasm is low

And my nature feels like giving in

He comes to the rescue and tells me so

Then, if I ask Him, for me – He will win

You see, it isn’t something vague

Or like a genie with only three wishes

His undertakings are miraculous

As was the 7 loaves and 2 fishes

He fed a multitude of 5,000 strong

With a prayer for their wellbeing

It is to this great Jesus that I belong

And only to Him, the praises I’m singing

Guess what? You can have that too

He has wanted you from the start

The only thing you have to do

Is as Jesus into your heart

I appreciate that it sounds simple

And really cannot be authentic

Yet, throughout time He has created a ripple

He will only say something …. If He’s meant it

In John chapter 17, Jesus says a prayer

Did you know His heart was heavy for you?

He knows all your sorrows and your deepest despair

He sees that you are Pulchritudinous too

It is a leap of faith

This to me seemed most preposterous

My lack of conviction seemed such a waste

The fear prevailing in me; monstrous

Until I called out to Him one day

My heart was in a type of permafrost, so very very hard

I was terrified, but did it anyway

He became my great protector, my souls own security guard

He also holds me when I cry

He protects me through the night

He shows me how to change from the inside

He soothes me when I am in fright

He took the mask off of my face
Then He asked me to look back in the mirror

I recalled my image from before with such disgrace

How could anything be any clearer?

Then I looked.

I was shocked and quite mystified

Who was it I was seeing?

All the ones who had hurt me with their pride

They were gone – I was the only being

I moderately saw a smile appear

Even my eyes didn’t seem dull

I could feel my Jesus very near

He said, You are beautiful

So you see, there are pieces all around

That only He can make quite clear

Such as placing in your heart the sound

Of the angels singing near

You are precious, He wants to be your friend

YES! I know it is difficult to conceive

But you can share affection with the Lord

IF you will choose, from your heart, to believe.


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