Letting Go

Letting Go

By Morti

Of course I only want to stay

And I purely detest that I must away

Friends and feelings have to be resisted

Safety for you and the children must be insisted

Sorrow may come and dwell, I know

Feel it if you must, then let it go

Be angry in missing what you had

Yet, for the joy it was be eternally glad

I am grateful to you in every way

You made my life turn from night to day

So selfish am I for a life worth living

Seizing the day is honor in giving

Pretending the night will never come

For me was precious, in truth, for me was dumb

The thunder clouds are rolling in

Precarious departure of all my kin

Tell them I’m crazy!  Tell them I’m sane

Say I’ve a wild mind to tame

Or do not tell them anything at all

They will see more clearly after I fall

But that is probably pretense too

They never saw me, they never knew you

I have to cut from my heart the feeling

And hope to God I rise past the ceiling

It is because I love you the choice was made

Oh how I wish I could have stayed

What is just is, it’s not a ploy for power

I will leave sometime soon, not sure of the hour

If they ask, tell anything that you need

I trust you with everything, all my secrets indeed

It doesn’t make sense, but as you know

We live, and love, and then let go


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