Have You Ever?

Have you ever wanted something?

But what you weren’t sure

Longing to be touched

But not until the cure

Have you longed for one to hold you?

To love you through your tears

But, couldn’t bring yourself to cry

Concealing all your fears

Do you ever dream of being happy?

Fulfilling all your dreams

Still, trembling at the truth

And how devastating it seems

Is there a yearning deep inside and

All you want is to understand

Why someone has really hurt you

Why it’s hard to take a stand

Is it hard each day?

To look yourself in the eye

Without feeling pain and guilt

But not knowing why

Do you avoid contact

With that person in the mirror

Forcing strong emotions away

Reinforcing loneliness and fear

Not on purpose, do you feel

You’ve sabotaged your own life

Like you and happiness are opposites

Elusive and full of strife

Did you ever want to someone to hold you?

And never let you go

Someone to say, “I love you”

Even with everything they knew

Someone you can trust,

To say you’re beautiful

Or, just someone you can trust

To be looked at like you’re a daughter of God

Not dirt or an object to lust

When someone has something very

Important to you, to say

Do you wish they’d just shut up and listen to you?

Or simply just go away

Do you wanna be better?

Then you really think you are

To finally cut the umbilical chord

Catch at last your wishing star

Have you felt that you were hopeless?

Living a horrific night time terror

Hating all the injustice – but knowing

She deserves it – her, the one in the mirror

Have you ever just had a whole lot

Of nothing left to say

Do you wish you could just stop your heart!

…and it’d all just go away?


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