Bleeding Without and Within

Bleeding Without and Within

By Morti

Upon examination of my skin

Wears the appearance of awful sin

And passing upon my burdensome head

Is ashen complexion cold and dead

Deeper still from skin to bone

Fractured indifference but pain cannot be known

The appearance of scars and a past of disadvantage

Never will tell the secrets underneath the bandage

None of this banter will tell the legitimacy

Of the life once experienced in illegitimate intimacy

Yet, not of proximity asked or desired

Forced through the innermost circle with fire

Tribulation and torment, awe what a sweet intoxication

From where my mind was born, these are prosperous vacation

Confusion arrived upon resplendent misrepresentation

Eternal conflict my home, my nation

Between God and Satan, Elysium or Hell

There is but one concept I grounded well

My worth was nihility

Cost, my responsibility

For monetary gain, my blood was depleted

For Evil control, my will defeated

Considering my heart, that I would not deceive

They fucked with my mind, and in what I believed

Having sanity of mind was frightfully unjust

It was better to have dominion prepotency and lust

God was the devil and the devil a brother of man

Jesus died on a cross but of me wasn’t a fan

Demons made visitations and loved adoration

Saints were mocked wildly amidst every station

Sex was for influence, if forced on innocence gave you power

Blood was anticipated and flowed by the hour

Pharmaceuticals absorbed through violent duress

Through needles and toes and under the dress

Lightning flooded my attention

Water adopted considering adequate confession

Insufficient nutrition, wanted affection, no love

Being declared to be so from more advanced than “above”

Immediately now, as you see my skin

In truth, yes, intolerable sin

I cannot give a full account

Is happiness worthy of such an amount?

You see me, but you cannot begin

To understand bleeding without, and within.


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